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A Comprehensive Guide to Living in Electronic City: Choosing the Right Apartment

A city that witnessed an open-hand development plan, is the city of Bangalore. The city has welcomed a lot of investments and most among them were from the IT sector, which made the city to be known as the IT hub of India. There are numerous tech companies in Bangalore and many job hunters are provided to explore career opportunities. The same reason has caused the region to be a boom in the real estate industry. How? Yes, the numerous job opportunities in the vast number of tech companies have made the region the top of demand as residential spots in Bangalore. Again this is the reason why Electronic City is crowded with residential apartments from renowned builders.

The most opted residential region in Bangalore is Electronic City. Other than the job, the features and amenities the region offers are numerous. Recently, the region has taken a different turn than normal. Apart from being the tech spot, the growth and development have also taken a tremendous investment in other sectors. Electronic city means it is a kind of investment for the future. Buying an apartment in Electronic City can never be wrong. Being in Electronic City is not enough, rather you need to check on certain factors before staying firm on the decision of buying.

Check on your budget

Budget is the primary factor to consider in the journey of buying an apartment. Initially shortlist some within your budget and fix one among them by considering apartments as an investment, especially in Electronic City. The calculation has to go along with your monthly expenses and make sure you keep something left after bearing the costs from different angles. As a whole, you should incredibly get connected with the savings and expenses and EMI if you are to opt for a loan. The down payment calculation also should go in hand with the investments and savings. In short, get started with setting the budget.

Easy Accessibility to your office

As mentioned earlier Electronic City is the IT hub in Bangalore and there are numerous tech companies. The region is a bit vast and before buying an apartment make sure it is somewhat closer to your workspace. Most of the time it is critical to get the location you wish for. The more lucrative and appreciable residential projects in prime locations are getting at a faster pace. If you are considering it as an investment it may not have a value at this point. A good resale rate is guaranteed for the residential projects here and can also be reused in many ways renting and leasing as well. Instead, location plays a great role in the investment factor. So try to get hold of the prominent location in Electronic City as well.

Better ROI

Renting your apartment has a major role in dealing with the location. It should need better proximity to malls, schools, hospitals, office complexes, markets, etc. This could also be a weighing factor to reap a substantial amount of rent without going to any shortage of renters at any mode of time. Just ensure closeness to the facilities like stores, offices/businesses, grocery, gym, hospitals, schools, public transportation, etc, are inevitable at any cost for an unexpected rise in ROI.

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The Amenities

Beyond all these, to live in a family atmosphere would demand a better range of amenity listings. Apart from the amenities, the factors like infrastructure and safety also matter. All these three factors should become an add-on to the living standards they expect.


A safe neighbourhood is a must-have for a happy living. While selecting an apartment, remember to keep the safety factor paramount. Never agree with some apartment that does not provide security cameras and 24×7 security guards, safety doors, anti-theft alarms, etc. For ensuring safety if you have to invest more, never hesitate to do so, just keep an idea of creating appropriate safety procedures.

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Reputation of Builders

Builders’ reputation is something everyone tends to ignore. Investing in a busy city like Bangalore should consider the reputation of the builder. A builder with the ideal reputation never tends to fool you regarding amenities, finances, handover dates, property documents and anything related to the apartment. How do you get to know the reputation of the builder? Better you do a thorough background check and keep an idea of them in detail.