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Griha Pravesh Dos & Don’ts: Tips for House Warming Ceremony

Buying a new house is a dream come true moment for many and it would mark the beginning of a new chapter in life. For many of us, the housewarming of your dream home is always like moving into it on a lucky day wishing for incoming positive energies. Housewarming is often accommodated with practices to welcome positivity and auspiciousness, protect from negative energy, and reap the fruits of Griha Pravesh. To bring prosperity and good health to your family you need to have a better understanding of the Dos & Don’ts of Griha Pravesh.

A housewarming ceremony is a ritual performed to bring prosperity and good health before moving into a new home. It is believed that the housewarming guarantees to safeguard that the family’s new property is free from negative energy. The specific do’s and don’ts reap the complete advantages of the ritual.

Griha Pravesh Overview

A Griha Pravesh or the housewarming ceremony, is the way to purify the environment and eliminate negative energies when one enters a new home for the first time. Bring happiness, good health and prosperity by aligning in line with the Vastu and the elements like sun, earth, water, fire and wind.

Do’s Regarding Griha Pravesh

Never proceed without completing the construction works: The Griha Pravesh ceremony is a ready-to-move occasion and is not often performed without completing the construction work. Make sure before the Griha Pravesh you completely come up with wall paint, doors and windows.

Select an Auspicious Date: Choosing a special day for the transition of moving to a new house can be made more worthwhile if suggested with an auspicious timing. Making it on an auspicious day brings harmony and prosperity.

Cleaning of House: The Griha Pravesh is a ritual and there needs to be awareness of the house cleaning and purification. Get your house purified deeply for clean floors, walls and all corners.

Decorate the entrance: Before, Griha Pravesh, or the entry of the house owner to their new residence, it is highly advised to decorate the entrance of your home. The front door or the entrance part becomes the main part of the home, and decorating the face of Vastu Purush is always considered beneficial. You can even use religious symbols to make your main entrance welcoming and attractive.

Enter the House with the Right Foot: Make it a point to use your right foot when you step into your new house. It is generally believed that stepping in with the right leg conveys good fortune.

Ensure a smooth transition by eliminating negative energy: During the new home opening ceremony, jump to opt for some kind of decorations as per the different religious considerations. It is believed to be beneficial for family bonding by warding off the negative energy from its surroundings.

Set up a special prayer area: The Griha Pravesh do’s and don’ts are often neglected or accepted by being within the different religious boundaries. Many consider it to hold immense significance in establishing a prayer area inside a new home. Adding an extra prayer area is not a big deal, but consider it is vastu compliant.

Don’ts of Griha Pravesh

Refrain from the auspicious days: Remember to note the time you choose to move into the new residence and make sure it does not fall in any holy week. Refrain from performing unfavourable planetary alignments in the new house opening ceremony.

Do not leave the house locked on the same day: Always ensure you don’t keep the house closed overnight without lighting up the lights, as it may cause the negative energy to get engrossed. It is essential to respect religious beliefs and as per at least some, it is better to avoid leaving your home locked on the day of house warming to entice divine protection.

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Avoid dirty feet while entering your home: As dirty feet are considered inauspicious for any good move, make sure to clean your feet before entering the new home. It is advised to fill in the house with the necessary furniture rather than leaving it empty.

To Summarize

The Griha Pravesh ensures positivity, harmony and well-being but is a time-honoured Indian custom. With the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts a smooth transition can be made possible into your new house.