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The Pros and Cons of Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the cities of India that have seen continued significant growth over the past few decades. Thank the software industry for it or the benevolence of Bangaloreans or even the weather (although people who have known Bangalore would agree that Bangalore isn’t the same in terms of the pleasant cool vibe anymore). Say what you must, but it is true that several industries including Real Estate have enjoyed a whooping demand spike owing to the referred growth.

Bangalore has expanded far and beyond its original jurisdiction in the past few decades and the rate of this expansion is much more than all the previous decades put together. This expansion of area has led to increased land offering and increased demand. Tell us really, weren’t you considering buying a new flat in Bangalore too! So here today, allow us to present some pros and cons of buying an apartment in Bangalore to facilitate your decision.

We can have a look at the pros of buying an apartment in Bangalore

1. Real estate appreciation

The real estate scene in Bangalore has seen a massive and rapid increase in prices in the past 2 decades and the rates keep going up every decade. So, buying a home in the Garden City can give you massive profits like no other in the long run. If you are looking at short-term gains, you can even rent the property to earn a stable monthly income.

2. Quality of life

Life in Bangalore is especially loved by most because this metropolitan city offers a combination of upscale living, urban convenience and flexible expenditure. One day you can party and eat fancy meals in a posh locality and the next day if you are out of money, you can still continue having variant and delicious cuisines in smaller, cheaper places of other localities. Nobody to judge here!… Wouldn’t you want a house in a city like this?

3. Scope for growth

Just as much as the city keeps growing, the people of Bangalore grow too. People who have lived in Bangalore for several generations have witnessed and themselves experienced the change from having a traditional approach to becoming more accepting to finally joining modernity. That’s intellectual growth, isn’t it? There are also financial growth and social growth involved as a result of living in a metro. But, if you wish to grow along, you need to live along- and it’s always nice to live in your own house.

4. Education and employment opportunities

Bangalore is the most popular city for people looking for jobs and education. The reason is that the city has a very large number of employer organisations -from startups to established multinationals. There are software companies, companies in hardware, automobile, defence, marketing, banking or any industry you can think of.

Incidentally, there are also educational institutions of great repute that realistically prepare students for their bright and sparkly lives ahead.

5. Weather

Although we mentioned in the beginning that the weather in Bangalore is not the same as it used to be in the past, we still believe that the Garden City weather is more charming and tempting than any other place, let alone the metros.

6. Ease of international access/ travel

Bangalore is surrounded by several beautiful tourist spots suitable for 1-day outings, weekend getaways, or even longer trips. There are roadways, railways and airways that are easy to access. Besides, Bangalore offers comfortable modes for international travelers and private air travelers too.

7. Nightlife

Life in Bangalore begins at dawn with some birds chirping, footsteps passing and vehicles gliding through, but the day wouldn’t end at dusk here. Though vehicles and people start cosying up and the hustle eases around 9 in the night, it still feels alive and human almost till 11 pm on weekdays and late after midnight on weekends.

8. Blend of cultures

Bangalore prides itself in being a city that is tolerant, respectful, supportive, and loving towards every other culture like its own. So, if you wish to grow and nurture your family in a city that speaks, eats and breathes the essence of the whole of India, Bangalore is your place to be.

9. Art, culture and travel supportive

If you are a lover of everything natural and traditional, we must tell you will have plenty of those here because the humans of Bengaluru are lovers of art, culture and travel. Here, you will find groups to team up, learn and engage with- from ancient art forms to modern, from

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native cultures to western, from touristy travelling to wild exploration of hidden locations. What better place for such gatherings than a sweet get-together at home?

10. Safety

While we speak of Bangalore being so open-minded, open-hearted, growth-promoting and modern, it is also important to highlight that Bangalore is smart and safe. We don’t claim to have zero crimes, we just claim that crimes are controlled. We don’t say nobody gets waylaid or beaten here, we just say it happens in the most unfortunate cases. We don’t promise that your home will be unbreakable, we just promise that the city has people guarding homes as much as humanly possible.

Now have a look at the Cons of buying an apartment in Bangalore

1. Real estate prices

As much as we love the idea of the multifold profits we could make from our real estate properties after a few decades, the high cost of buying a property now and the deep hole it would leave in our pockets is slightly disconcerting. But worry not, Signature Dwellings has several projects in the introduction to launch stages that offer homes at reasonable prices.

2. Traffic

The traffic congestions in Bangalore are something every Bangalorean cribs about- even the most diehard Bangalore-lover does, really. But all the merits of life in Bangalore overpower this fault. Also, there is no Metro without traffic and Bangalore is no exception.

3. Pollution

Bangalore too, like any other part of the world, suffers from pollution. Pollution of every kind- water, air and sound- continues to trouble the residents. But with time, more and more people, organisations, and the government are waking up to act against the growing pollution levels. Times will change for sure.

4. Cost of living

The cost of living in Bangalore is high in comparison to semi-urban and rural areas, yet lesser compared to some other metro cities. However, there are localities that offer a decent life at a reasonable cost of living. Be sure to research well before you finalise the house.

5. Water sources

Water pollution, as suggested earlier, is a matter of concern and so is the lack of a reliable government water supply source. The water supply is handled by the Water supply board to some extent through the supply of Kaveri water, but a large amount of water supply is done through privately owned water tankers. Tough, but inevitable.

Bangalore is safe, smart, beautiful, and friendly. It is the city you will love to live in, but like every real thing on earth, life in Namma Bengaluru is not without qualms… So, now that you have a fair idea of the positives and negatives of buying a flat in Bangalore, we hope you will be able to decide when to buy your new dream home. Once you decide on the ‘when’, visit our blogs again to see tips on ‘how’ and ‘where’ to buy apartments in Bangalore. We will give you our best advice, Promise!