Home is where our story begins…Many emotions come while buying a home and there will always be something nostalgic about the place we call home. Home is not a place.


Vastu Tips For Your Precious Home

A home is made with a lot of affection and attention. We put our everything to make our homes comfortable, warm and convenient to everyone. Yet, sometimes it feels like something is missing, something is lacking, something not right! At times like these, we resort to home improvement techniques- modern or traditional.

One very famous home improvement system that has originated in our own country is Vastu Shastra. Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science revolving around architecture, buildings, and directions. It demonstrates ways to scientifically benefit from nature and its elements, also known as the Panchabhootas, i.e., the Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. It would be safe to say that it unifies science, art, astronomy, and astrology.

In this article, you will read about the benefits of Vastu in your life and some basic Vastu tips for different spaces of your home to bring positivity and prosperity into your life.

Benefits of adopting Vastu in your personal and professional spaces

Since Vastu principles aim at creating a rhythm between the elements of nature and the human and material, they work around creating ways for structured and natural flow of energy without restrictions. Hence, a place that is Vastu-compliant always.

  • is blessed with positivity and prosperity in every way.
  • physically, it provides the resident with good health, comfort, convenience, harmony and fulfilment
  • psychologically, it promotes mental well-being, improves relationships inside out, relieves tension, reduces stress, and improves health.
  • spiritually, it enhances the inner satisfaction within the people involved and creates a deep sense of gratitude, harmony, and tranquility.
  • academically and professionally, promotes stability and growth.

What’s right for different areas of your home according to Vastu

Home Entrance/ Main Door

As per Vastu the best directions for the main door are North East, South East, North, or East. North is The main door must always be bigger than the rest of the doors in the house and made of good quality wood. Interiors-wise, ensure that there are no obstructions to a fully open front door. Ensure a well lit entrance. Consider money plants, tulsi etc. at the entrance and avoid thorny plants. Avoid animal statues and water elements such as fountains near the main door. Also consider the modern electric door bells with traditional metal knocks.

Living Room

The living area is best placed in North, Northwest, West or even South. However, all the directions except Southwest can be considered. Place all heavy furniture in the west or south-west direction and install the electronics and appliances in the west or the north and the TV in the south-east corner of the living room. Decorative items like the chandelier can be installed in the center of the room aligned slightly to the west.


As per Vastu, the Master bedroom should be located in the south-west direction of the room and the guest and children’s bedroom in the north-west if possible. Try and allot the north-west room to girls and south room to boys. Paint your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. Avoid painting your walls black and avoid metal beds. Avoid placing a mirror or television in front of the bed where your reflections while sleeping can be seen. Place all mirrors beside the bed. Avoid sleeping or sitting under the beam and ensure that you sleep with your head to the South or sound sleep. If someone is unwell in the house, keep a burning candle in their room, this is said to help them in recovering faster. Consider placing wind chimes with crystals in the bedroom to minimize fights and troubles within the family.


The kitchen is where fire and water reside together. As per Vastu, the South-eastern corner is the best location for the kitchen. If that is not a possibility, the north-west direction can be an option. The north or north-eastern direction is recommended for wash basins, water pipes and the kitchen drain. Since water and fire are opposing elements, different platforms must be used, to place the washbasin and the cooking range in your kitchen. This will also prevent accidents. The south-east corner is ideal for appliances like the gas stove, microwave, toaster, food processor, refrigerator etc.

Pooja Room

Ideal position for pooja or worship room is North-east or East but other directions should be avoided as they are inauspicious. However, if there is no provision for the worship room to the north-east, you must atleast avoid making it the bathroom or toilet or even dumping any clutter there. Keep this space always clean. Since the space in flats might not always be enough to accommodate a properly equipped pooja room, the pooja mandir can be positioned in the kitchen or the living room, but in the northeastern direction. Avoid the bedroom for pooja mandir installation.

Other simple Vastu tips to make life better

  • Do not shift any of your belongings to your new home before the griha pravesham.
  • Lack of ventilation breeds negative energy. Arrange for proper ventilation.
  • As per Vastu the shape of the house or rooms must always be square or rectangular and not curvy.
  • Always keep corners of the house well lit as they are powerful sources of energy.
  • Do not keep broken articles and non-functional electronic gadgets at home. They also have an adverse impact on the health.
  • Do not install pictures or idols portraying violence anywhere within the house as it attracts negative energy.
  • Greenery brings positivity inside and out. Try to add plants and greenery wherever possible.
  • Water flowing towards the north brings happiness and towards the east brings financial gains.
  • As per Vastu, having the statue of Kamdhenu inside the house brings good luck. The same is believed about statues of Gautama Buddha for peace.
  • Repair all leaky plumbing works to prevent financial losses.
  • It is also believed that placing Goddess Lakshmi’s picture or idol at the entrance can help bring financial steadiness.
  • Wind chimes at the entrance are also said to bring in cash flow.
  • Cobwebs obstruct financial growth. Clear them as soon as you see them.
  • A Tulasi plant in the North East direction can help transform negative energy into positive energy.
  • It is also believed that having a flute in the house can help steer away from education or career related troubles.

All the points mentioned above are generic pointers applicable to homes and apartments in Bangalore or anywhere in the world. But there might be aspects that are specific to your home only. Find an expert in your area and consult them to get optimum benefit from this Indian science.

We wish you great joy, peace, and prosperity in the days to come in your home sweet home.