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Why is Electronic City the Ideal Place to live in Bangalore?

An ideal place to live in Bangalore is many and the reason for the same being ideal is sometimes countless. What if you are to specifically dive into Electronic City? What about the ideal place in Electronic city? What is there much more in Electronic City than in other places? Why is the place so much in demand?

Electronic City is the IT hub in Bangalore and most of the IT professionals you get to see in the region would either be working in Electronic City or Whitefield. So, the IT professionals working in Electronic City would prefer to hire a home in the same area, so that you find it easy to go to and from the office. This area is one of the top places on the list to invest in if you are preferring to buy or rent apartments in Bangalore known for the ample amount of opportunities and conveniences that anyone would prefer to have in their lifetime. Choosing this place would be a wise decision, but the property investment would be a tough job as the region easily gets sold out in no time with huge demand.

As the name suggests, Electronic City is a place in Bangalore which is the hub for a number of industrial parks providing a very low cost of living. The city is spread over 800 acres and the city compensates its residents with a highly developed state of living even though the destination is a bit away from the mainstream city. Now, the Electronic city is no less than a rocket station offering urban services of global standards. The Electronic City or the E-city is expected to transform into a living lab in no time.

In this article, we have certain suggestions to own one space in the Electronic City.

Electronic City is known as the best area for living depending on a few factors:

  1. Availability of best schools
  2. Easy to get for self-drivers
  3. IT Hub
  4. An engaged living for elderly people
  5. Specifically, have fun with the sports activities
  6. Also an industry-specific area
  7. Retail malls are also available
  8. Easy connectivity to other places in Bangalore

Without knowing your requirements, it will be difficult to suggest a place for you to live in Bangalore Electronic City.

About Electronic City

Locality and neighbourhood

Electronic City daily witnesses a number of prominent initiations to a number of various projects and their different stages of development. Electronic City has a number of multi-storeyed apartments and villa projects as well, especially from the reputed builders in the industry. Being the technology, the place is always in consideration for builders which made it an IT hub as well as a residential area. The established residential destination is economically divided into three phases or zones numbered one, two and three and is known as the prominent area in Bangalore. Electronic City is placed so as to have easy access as well as connectivity from the other prominent parts of Bangalore city and this region is chosen by many tech majors, industrial units and residential complexes marking the development to be established on the core.

Instructure Phase I – Physical

The extremely efficient connectivity with the other areas in Bangalore has been resourceful and has even improved with the birth of more and more IT companies over there. The operational expressway was elevated enough for the reason that several of its IT parks and corporate campuses would apparently boast excellent connectivity. Moreover, the locality is provided with metro connectivity which puts forward better access to the city than before.

Infrastructure Phase II – Social & retail

With regard to the other areas of Bangalore, Electronic City encompasses a large workforce but by being within the closed culture of sustainability. It is one of the busiest places in Bengaluru with good social infrastructure and is known as an effective employment hub. Moreover, in addition to popular entertainment hubs, the locality is loaded with several educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail shops, restaurants and banks. By being situated in and around the vicinity, Electronic City lets you enjoy the presence of many facilities including several reputed schools and colleges.

The notable features of Electronic City

  1. Very well-known for suitable housing segments that do specifically be gained in with the low cost of investment and low rental basis.
  2. Being on the outskirts of Bangalore, the city cannot preferably attain further extension or development of the area.
  3. With an enriched locality neighbourhood of well-sourced educational institutes, shopping centres, nearby localities, hospitals, commercial hubs, tourist spots, well-facilitated roads and easy access to the airports.